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Purchase of companies

We guarantee safe, quick and professional purchases of commercial companies registered in the KRS.

We take the responsibility for the efficient performance of any and all formalities connected with the takeover process and for the notarial costs.

We buy companies which are:

– clean,
– dormant or suspended,
– in liquidation,
– with or without turnover,
– in debt,
– in bankruptcy,
– with low capital,
– with lost documentation.

We guarantee full professionalism, reliability and discretion of our services and an individual approach to every case. Our team of lawyers specialising in corporate law provides support at the highest level and suggests solutions helping you to quickly and effectively sell your company in compliance with the law.

We buy companies in any legal form. The purchase takes place by entering into a notarised contract of sale with the shareholders/partners and by acquiring 100% shares in the company. The purchase entails a change of the management board and the registered office of the company.

Company purchase – Stages of co-operation

– Analysis of the financial standing of the company.
– Setting the shares purchase price.
– Purchase of 100% shares in the company.
– Dismissal of the members of the current Management Board and appointment of a new Management Board in accordance with a resolution.
– Ratification of the actions taken by the Management Board in performance of its duties.
– Change of the registered office and business name of the company.
– Increase of the share capital.
– Extension of the object of the company (PKD), if required.
– Takeover of the company documentation.
– Completing and submitting the necessary documentation to the competent authorities.

Please contact our business consultant who will prepare for you the most advantageous co-operation proposition regarding the purchase of your company.