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Registration of companies

We offer professional registration of companies in Poland. Entrepreneurs from Poland and abroad use our comprehensive assistance. We have already formed 487 different companies for them, such as:

– Limited liability company
– Spółka z o.o. & Co. Spółka komandytowa
– Limited partnership
– Registered partnership
– Joint-stock company
– Limited joint-stock partnership
– European company
– Foundation
– Association
– Branch
– Representative office

We assist in obtaining licenses and permits necessary for pursuing specific types of activity which are required under a statute or separate legal regulations.

We guarantee quick registration of the company in the most advantageous format available and with a minimum of formalities. Filling a short form is all it takes for us to commence comprehensive registration of a company on your behalf.

Entrusting us with company registration offers significant time and costs savings and ensures that the formalities will be performed correctly. We provide professional consultancy with regard to selecting the appropriate company, taking into account the profile and objectives.

Our excellent knowledge of corporate law, quality and professionalism of our services guarantee satisfaction from co-operation.

Scope of services

Comprehensive registration of companies includes the following stages:

1. Drawing up the articles of association.
2. Registration in the KRS.
3. Filing any and all necessary documents with the authorities and their collection.
4. Monitoring the entire registration process.
5. Confirmation of company registration.

We invite you to contact our business consultant who can answer all your questions and offer the best solution adjusted to your needs.